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Ritual Machinery is Released!

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20th June 2013: OK, this news couldn't be much more ginormous: my first album, Ritual Machinery, is now released and available via just about every outlet in existence. If you want a downloadable version, then it's up on iTunes, eMusic, Amazon MP3, etc. If you want to stream it, it's on most of the major streaming sites including Spotify and Google Play. Hop over to the Discography for more info on the album and links for getting hold of it.

1st July 2013: A physical CD version is available, orderable from Amazon. The album is in the queue for consideration for rotation on Pandora, so I'm thinking happy thoughts and crossing everything. I'm really very pleased with how the album turned out, so I hope at least someone other than my mother will like it too. :-)

Coming soon...

I have two more albums pretty much finished, just really waiting on final mixes and mastering. The biggie is The Descent, based on the music from the performance of the same name that occurred at Pantheacon 2013 in San Jose, CA. This will be a concept album (gosh yes, it's 1973 again... no, wait...) that is constructed in the framework of a Samhain ritual. Banish the space, call the elements, call the gods, visit the underworld, come back forever changed. Stylistically, this is a little different to Ritual Machinery, much more Pagan with a capital P. It differs significantly in that the music serves the narrative rather than being an end in itself, so it goes to nice places, bad places, dark places, uncomfortable places, and beautiful places.

Following up on this will be Kingdom of Shells, which will feature a few remixes and alternative versions of tracks on The Descent, as well as some other material that might have found its way into Ritual Machinery if there had been space. I'm hoping that this album will include the Apollo video on services that will let me do that (e.g. iTunes).

News flash: A sneak preview of Melek Ta'us, one of the tracks from the forthcoming album The Descent, is now up on the video page.